About Us

A healthy heart is a passport to a healthy & long life. Similarly, it is a well-established fact that a good quality battery is the lifeline for the longevity of a vehicle. The high demand for good quality batteries has led to mushrooming of companies supplying cheap alternatives and low cost substandard batteries to the customers.

Backed with a rich experience of more than 4 decades in the luxury car spare parts wholesale distribution, Battery Junction has been born and brought up by young enthusiasts who feel that the Indian Automobile and Superbikes market is one of the fastest growing sectors with the potential for tremendous growth in the coming years. Unfortunately, there is a lack of proper and complete information due to which enthusiast car and superbike owners are generally unaware of the perfect battery for their machines.

We at Battery Junction are the authentic suppliers of high quality OEM batteries which are being made available at affordable & economical prices. We seamlessly aim to serve our customers by delivering good quality batteries that are cost effective & meet your car’s and superbike’s requirements as per the manufacturer.

We are suppliers of the VARTA brand from Germany for European Cars and the YUASA brand from Japan for the Superbikes.

We believe in providing services that cater to customer satisfaction and add value to the life of the vehicle. Investing in an OEM brand shall guarantee Quality, Affordability & Satisfaction, the qualities that our brand stands for.