Battery Warranty Terms

Battery Warranty Terms

e-Warranty Registration is mandatory within 14 days from the date of purchase for the nationwide warranty!

With batteries as durable and OEM spec as we supply, you might wonder why we offer a warranty in the first place. Well, at Battery Junction™, you could say we’re just used to going the extra mile. For more information on battery warranties, check out the information below.

M/s Euro Liquids™ India (parent company of Battery Junction™) will provide the following warranty to the original purchaser subject to the terms and conditions stated herein.

Warranty covers batteries that become unusable or unserviceable due to defects in material and/or workmanship. Warranty period commences from date of initial purchase.
Warranty covers for all our product range that are sized properly and used in the application for which it was intended and charged with an approved charging profile.

Return of good(s) in question must accompany any request for warranty. No exceptions will be accepted.

Warranty Exclusions:
This warranty does not apply to batteries that break or fail due to abuse or neglect such as

  • Incorrect or under specified battery type fitted to vehicle/application.
  • Charge system problem/incorrect charging creating an overcharge or under-charge situation.
  • Prolonged storage of the car/bike or very minimal use.
  • Deep discharge applications (heavy accessory loads etc). 
  • Electrical faults, Shorts, Excessive loads and loose wiring .
  • amage to the battery caused by the consumer or other in-car/bike and/or application fault. 
  • Wear and tear
  • Sulphation
  • Any battery modifications such as acid additives, lead terminal changes, or any other contaminants.
  • Tampering or overwriting on Barcode Sticker will invalidate the warranty claim.
  • The battery is transferred to another vehicle.
  • Damaged because of fire, flood, earthquake or other act of God or any other natural calamities and for no fault of the company.

Any unauthorized accessories connected to the system will not be covered under warranty and in case any damage is caused in the battery due to such unauthorized accessory the battery will be out of warranty.
The company in no way will be held liable for any loss or injury or damage caused to any form of life for any reason whatsoever.

The warranty terms and conditions shall be governed by the Laws of India and all disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Delhi only.
Customers are deemed to have read, understood, acquiesced, and agreed to these conditions at the time of purchase.

The warranty is limited to batteries purchased from, from marketplaces(like Amazon) where it is distributed by M/s Euroliquids™ India or Battery Junction™ and from our distribution channel partners across the nation.

Warranty claim processing may take upto 14 business days from receipt of the battery.
The customer is responsible for all logistics charges. In case a replacement is approved, M/s Euro Liquids™ India will pay for shipping the new battery to the customer.

In case a claim is rejected, M/s Euro Liquids™ India will bill shipping charges to the customer.
Rejected claim batteries, not picked up in 14 days will be disposed off.

The extent of M/s Euroliquids™ India liability will be limited to repair/replacement of defective battery, and no claims for consequential damage or loss shall be entertained

The decision made by M/s Euro Liquids will be final and non negotiable.

Warranty Claim Process

We hope you will have many years of safe and reliable motoring with your Car or Superbike. If a defect in manufacturing of the battery purchased from us should arise, please find below the steps to claim batteries under the warranty period.

Step 1.
Email or WhatsApp us from your registered phone number giving detailed information about the issue.
Attach pictures of the battery condition and the current odometer reading.

Step 2.
Ship the battery at our address via registered mail/courier and share the tracking number.

Euro Liquids™ India
1566/2, GF, Church Road,
Kashmere Gate, Delhi 110006
Phn: +91 890 972 5555

Shipping charges will be borne by the customer. Please ensure the batteries are safely packed to avoid mishandling by the ground logistics. Batteries can only be transported by surface courier.

Step 3.
Allow us a few days until we inspect your battery.
If there is a manufacturing defect, we will inform you and ship a brand new battery to you/full refund - as per companies decision including the shipping charges you paid to send the old battery to us.
In this case, we will keep the old battery.
In case the claim is rejected, no refund or replacement is provided. The old battery is shipped back to the customer and the shipping charges from our facility to the customer’s doorstep, has to be borne by the customer.